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The elusive ‘stro soccer momma #soccermom #minivan #castro #sf

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The elusive ‘stro soccer momma #soccermom #minivan #castro #sf

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#Looking forward to season 2?

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So I think this is the best costume for today. @cooper #designdodgeball #karatekid #sportyspice

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I’m on the right.

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Pixelstud™ featured on VICE UK

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See the beauty, read the magic of my first encounter with a pair of small fleshy caruncles on VICE UK. Last day to buy the beautiful book: GAY MEN DRAW VAGINAS is April 28th.

My vagina may get published…

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My vagina may get published…

into a beautiful book of vaginas drawn by gay men. Check out this Kickstarter  to own one of the limited edition print runs of  “Gay Men Draw Vagina’s” A San Francisco based project by Shannon O’Malley + Keith Wilson.

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